Training & Awards

Training of researchers is an essential task of the Network. By pooling the resources and expertise of its partners and members, IMISCOE facilitates the highest quality training for all Network members. It also makes long-term investments in the broader field by opening its training facilities to non-members. To this aim, the Network organizes annual winter- or summer schools for PhD's, as well as specific training modules at other IMISCOE events.

Also, IMISCOE annual awards two prizes to promote the quality of work done in the context of IMISCOE:

Winner Rinus Penninx Award

  • 2023: Naiara Rodriguez-Pena

    The Rinus Penninx Best Paper Award 2023 has been awarded to Naiara Rodriguez-Pena for her paper on "Aspiring to be ‘here’ and ‘there’: Conflicting intrinsic and instrumental migration aspirations". Naiara is an early stage researcher within the EJD...

Winner Baganha Dissertation Award

  • 2022: Dr. Hannah Pool

    The winner of the 2022 Maria Ioannis Baganha Dissertation Award is Hannah Pool. Her dissertation entitled “Doing the Game”. The Moral Economy of Coming to Europe, was defended at the University of Cologne, in June 2021. Drawing on multi-sited...