Fully funded PhD opportunity for forced migrants to the UK (University of Leeds, ERC AdG Project MIGMOBS 2024-2028)

by Monday 29th of April 2024

We are inviting applications for a fully funded PhD studentship on “MIGMOBS refuge: Global inequalities, mobility struggles and contested presence for forced migrants from the Middle East in the UK”. The studentship is available to forced migrants to the UK for up to four years at the University of Leeds and includes student fees, stipend, and financial support for research and dissemination activities.

The successful candidate will work with Glenda Garelli (University of Leeds, School of Geography) and ERC PI Adrian Favell (University College Cork, Radical Humanities Laboratory), as a sub-project of the Advanced Grant project "MIGMOBS -The Orders and Borders of Global Inequality: Migration and Mobilities in Late Capitalism", and as part of a large international team.

The PhD will also follow all relevant training and preparation for a PhD in Geography, be an active member of the “Social Justice, Cities and Citizenship” (SJCC) research cluster, and be expected to play an active organisational role in the Leeds Migration Research Network.

We welcome atypical academic profiles and personal trajectories.

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