IMISCOE Bulletin #1

Welcome to the IMISCOE Bulletin

15 April 2020

IMISCOE celebrates now 15 years of its history and amongst the many goals we’ve constantly strived for, continuous evolution was always one of them. With development come new ideas and project, and so is the Bulletin.

But what is it exactly you may ask? IMISCOE Bulletin is a dissemination channel collecting and sharing the selection of the accumulated knowledge produced by IMISCOE Board of Director members. It is a platform playing both the corporative function of fostering an IMISCOE community, and the brand function to connect IMISCOE with the global community, young and senior researchers interested in migration issues, experts, media, policy officials, politicians and social representatives. Its main purpose is innovative research and knowledge communication, but also be engaged in the development of the migration research agenda, and promote knowledge exchange among different research communities and social/policy migration networks.

“What can I find in the Bulletin?” you may be rightly asking yourself. This tool is a dynamic and fluid one, some items will be featured regularly, such as fitting editorials, fascinating interviews with high profiles from and around the network, IMISCOE members lead projects, but don’t be surprised to see new unexpected pieces in each issue and much more!

This very first edition is a teaser for what’s to come! Here you’ll find the editorial from Peter Scholten, an interview with Louise Ryan, a deep dive into one of IMISCOE’s latest led project, a vitrine section dedicated to member institutes!

In this Bulletin

#1 - A teaser!


The new IMISCOE website and the IMISCOE Bulletin will provide a new online presence of our research network. However,...

Save the date IMISCOE is going online!

We are thrilled to announce that Europe’s largest network in the area of migration and integration will take...

A chat with
Louise Ryan

We are now celebrating 15 years of history of IMISCOE. In order to do so we wanted to engage with some of...

The 2020 IMISCOE Conference in Luxembourg is moved to 2021

Unfortunately, the COVID19 crisis has had implications for the organization of our 2020 annual conference....

CrossMigration and the Migration Research Hub

The Horizon 2020 project, CrossMigration, led by IMISCOE, has been running since March 2018 and will come to an...


The “Vitrine” is a section that will wrap up every Bulletin issue moving forward. This is a space dedicated...

Call for Seed Funding Research Initiatives CANCELLED for 2020

IMISCOE encourages scholars from the network to explore new opportunities for research, collaboration and...

Welcome to the IMISCOE Bulletin

IMISCOE celebrates now 15 years of its history and amongst the many goals we’ve constantly strived for,...

Meet the team

Editorial Committee: Erasmus University Rotterdam Coordination: Ricard Zapata-Barrero, GRITIM-UPF, Barcelona...