UCLan Research Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile Postgraduate Webinar Series 2023

Join the UCLan Postgraduate Webinar Series of 2023!


8 March 15.00-16.00 Join Webinar

‘Privilege and precarity – class experiences of SADC students in South Africa’, by Veera Tagliabue (University of Birmingham)


26 April 15.00-16.00   Join Webinar

‘Necropolitics and border regime in a non-Western context: governing forced migrations in Cameroon’, by Claire Lefort-Rieu (Ceped, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement / Université Paris Cité)


24 May 15.00-16.00   Join Webinar

'Exploring Multilingualism in the USA through Louisiana French and Pennsylvania German', by Holly Rebecca Lawton (UCLan and MIDEX)


7 June 15.00-16.00     Join Webinar

 ‘Where we meet: how site-specific curatorial interventions impact engagement with Black history in museums in Northwest England specifically, Lancaster and Morecambe’, by Kirsty Millicent Theresa Roberts (UCLan and MIDEX)


21 June 15.00-16.00   Join Webinar

‘Landscapes of un/belonging: an empirical psychosocial study of Lithuanian migration to London since the early 1990s’, by Asta Binkauskaite (UCLan and MIDEX)